Friday, November 5, 2010

Unorthodox Engineering.

Software engineer Matthias Wandel has some extremely creative ideas.

I was stumbling around on the internet today during a study break when I found some of the absolutely amazing gadgets and contraptions of Matthias Wandel, a software engineer and by the looks of it an amazing inventor. They're absolutely amazing to watch in action and they're really intuitive. He's even made a reciprocating engine purely out of wood; in fact, to the best of my knowledge it looks like a steam engine that runs on the negative pressure created by a vacuum cleaner! The above video is of an automatic domino loader that sets up domino blocks for you, and it's made out of Lego! I highly recommend you check out his youtube channel and website if you're interested in random gadgets and machinery, you won't be disappointed. Once again, this is one of those posts where I believe I should let the videos do the majority of the talking. Enjoy!


His website can be found here:

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