The one thing I noticed about other scientific articles and blogs around the internet is that they fell into only one of two categories. Some were so dry, overtly scientific and so full of jargon that you vomited a bit in your mouth every time you read something like " extracellular cell proliferation in the taxa...". The other kind were short blog entries that mainly talked about the author or regurgitated information found from the original source, all without trying to make it interesting whatsoever, and doing no justice to the astonishing discoveries.

So to remedy that problem, this blog was created!

All our articles strive to be quality pieces on the latest developments and interesting topics in science, medicine, and technology, all for the purpose of showing the world that science can be interesting and "cool"! Besides that, we offer interesting social and political perspectives on how science impacts the lives of people; the atom bomb was not just a tool developed by physics for example, it impacted the lives of millions of Japanese citizens! With all that we even offer humour. Science shouldn't be a chore to learn, and the more fun everyone has while learning, the more likely you'll be to remember what you're reading.

Note: For those who are curious and don't know, the name of the blog is based of off of that cheesy 80's song of the same name by Thomas Dolby.